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Choosing Motorcycle Equipment for Riding in Winter

The arrival of the cold and rain should not force you to leave your bike at home, but it is necessary that you equip yourself well so as not to have a bad time. Follow our advice to choose your motorcycle equipment for the winter or best motorcycle rain gear. The only way to continue Read More

Filters for motorcycles

Filters are critical to prolonging the life of components motorbike engine . Its function, as its name implies, is to filter impurities that may be present in the fluids circulating within the engine. Studies have confirmed that impurities who reach the engine of the bike, either through the air or oil, are the cause of Read More

6 tips for keeping your bike

Cleaning the motorcycle is essential Clean the bike lets you view each component and ensure that each part is working properly. A clean bike is a safer bike. You can see if the brake pads are fine if the chain needs adjustment and check the oil level. It is also a critical engine cleanliness. There Read More

4 consequences of not changing the oil in your bike

There are external factors that make it necessary to change the oil more frequently, ideally, visit your trusted workshop. Also, keep in mind that you should change the filter every time you change the oil to prevent the accumulation of debris that prevents optimum circulation and allow lubricant so that filtering remains effective. Premature wear Read More

How does heat the tires of your bike?

This summer, there will be changes, and increased consumption of fuel can be about 15%. We recommend you refueled in the morning when the temperature is lower. The gasoline is a liquid that evaporates easily, more temperature more evaporation. Tires are the link between the bike and the road, why are vitally important when driving Read More