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How to avoid problems with the battery of your bike

Almost all happened to us ever get on the bike and not to tear it. The first thing is to know what kind of battery is your bike, and you need maintenance or not. The second thing is to be aware of if we use the bike every day, weekends only, or just the warm Read More

How heated grips for motorcycles work?

Hands are exposed to speed and are one of the body parts that suffer more. The heated grips are a great solution to cold without having to carry huge gloves that are not suitable for driving. Heated grips. Functioning The comfort is wonderful! The heated grips allow you to use relatively thin gloves that will Read More

3 key oil your bike

The lubricant forms a thin layer between two solid surfaces moving. If you do not change, you accelerate the wear of parts and generate noise, and in the worst case, you can choke the engine. As a rule, the Oil should be changed every 6,000km, but there are external factors that can reduce this period. Read More

How to choose the tailpipe of your bike?

For this reason, it is very important to know the advantages and disadvantages of different tailpipes that exist in the market. An internal combustion engine is unable to burn the fuel in its entirety. The more unburned fuel increased the generation of harmful substances expelled in the exhaust gases into the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide Read More

5 Signs that have problems with the brakes of your bike

The brakes are not one of them. They depend on your safety and those who share the roads with you. Hard brake pedal It is one of the most common signs and can be caused by several reasons, such as the pads are dirty or stained with grease or oil. Being a porous surface, they Read More

ITV. Basic tips

Note that if it is a moped, you must do the first review at three years, whereas if it is a motorcycle will be at four years. From the first inspection, you must go every two years. What documents should I bring for ITV motorbike? You must present the technical sheet of the bike or Read More

Everything you need to know about your bike lights

See and be seen is always important, especially if you drive a motorcycle. The small size of the motorcycle facilitates maneuvering in traffic without being aware of what the driver is exposed to. Proper lighting will allow other drivers to see you, can perceive the space that occupies the bike, and be aware of the Read More